David Murphy is a multi-instrumentalist based in Cork, Ireland playing pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar and dobro.

As a session musician, David has shared the stage and studio with international artists such as John Blek & The Rats, Richmond FontaineThe Delines, The Lost Brothers, Willy VlautinAnna Mitchell, MalojianGemma Hayes, David Hope, Declan Sinnott, PJ Curtis and many more.

As well as featuring on records from some of Ireland's finest alternative folk and roots acts, David has completed tours of Ireland, UK, Europe and U.S.A. as well as performing on live national radio and television.

Murphy adds tear-stained tones of pedal steel guitar.
— Yorkshire Evening Post (UK)
David Murphy’s spectral pedal steel is truly evocative, bringing the lonesome trains and remote plains of Spence’s songs vividly to life.
— Whisperin & Hollerin (UK)
The unmistakable sounds of David Murphy’s pedal steel guitar gently weep throughout much of the album and elevates the music above the ordinary.
— Ceol Collective (IRL)
David Murphy’s pedal steel guitar is played not in a traditional country way but mournfully and atmospherically in the background supporting the songs and their intriguing lyrics.
— americanaUK (UK)
... an exemplary pedal steel player.
— Herald (IRL)
...an irresistible pedal steel guitar that weaves around everything.
— Goldenplec (IRL)
Murphy adds fitting, sliding blue notes on pedal steel guitar.
— Herald Scotland (UK)